In Arauz we offer more than 15.000 references through the partnership with 15 international partners.
One of the biggest industrial automation product stocks of the market.
acelerometro Arauz Automatismos

Used for a wide variety of industry applications, laboratories and monitoring. Built in stainless steel or anodized aluminium, combined with low voltage calibrators.

Actuadores neumaticos Arauz Automatismos

We offer drives and actuators for every typre of valve. Pneumatic actuators of simple and double effect, AC/DC, monophase and triphase…

Aisladores galvanicos Arauz Automatismos

To work with the range of inductive, magnetic and capacitive sensors with Namur exit, we offer a wide offer range of interfacer models for intrinsic safety.

atex Arauz Automatismos

In some industry secotors, you work in enviroments with gas, vapour, mist or dust; in others, flammable substances are used during the process. To avoid any danger, the ATEX products were designed.

Automatas programables Arauz Automatismos

Micro-controlers play an important part in todays industrial. In Arauz Automatismos you will find PLC for different applications…

Baliza de senalizacion Arauz Automatismos

We offer a wide range of high brightness and low consuption LED technology indicators. If they are off, their color is neutral grey to avoid confussions with solar light.

Cajas de senalizacion Arauz Automatismos

Signaling boxes with limit switches or inductive detectors. The box can be either plastic, aluminium and stainless steel foxing bracket.

Caudalimetros Arauz Automatismos

Specific solutions for:

  • Water treatment plants
  • Food and beverage, meeting requirements FDA and EHEDG aprovals
Celulas de carga Arauz Automatismos

Our load cells types: traction/ compression/ compacts… Utilizadas en aplicaciones como:

comunicacion sin hilos Arauz Automatismos

Wireless Sure Cross TM Communication modules BANNER brand and its wide range of accessories of multiple signal transmission.

Conectores industriales Automatismos

Our M8 and M12 connectors are available male and female, straight and angled, 3, 4 and 5 poles…

Detectores Arauz Automatismos

Wide range of sensors: inductives, capacitives, photoelectric, gas sensors both portable and fixed, vehicle sensors…

Electrovalvulas Arauz Automatismos

Our valves options include a wide range of solenoid valves. The sizes go from G1/8” to G3”, with Kv up until 1385 l./min. Pressure up until 100bar…

Encoders Arauz Automatismos

Wide range of fieldbus communication encoders. They include Profibus ,CANopen, Devicenet,CANlift, Ethercat…

filtros agua Arauz Automatismos

We offer cold water filters as well as hot water up to 70 ºC, different sizes,threaded and flanged connections, that guarantee filtered water constant supply. the fine filter prevents the passage of particles.

final de carrera Arauz Automatismos

Our limit switches small and compact are resistant to ostile environments that industrial applications are chgaracterized for. Every type meets mounting dimensions and oprerating industry standards.

Fuentes de alimentacion Arauz Automatismos

We offer robust, reliable and efficient power supplies. Our main goal is to provide your system with constant output voltages, no matter its variation.

interruptores Arauz Automatismos

We offer fast response MICRO SWITCH™, that meet all global standards, are recognised worldwide because of its compact and light design, and have been manufactures for a precise repeatability.

lineas de producto Arauz Automatismos

In our product lines you can find basic micro switches, high pressure sensors, airflow sensors, humidity sensors, oxygen sensors…

Microrruptores Arauz Automatismos

If you are looking for a high quality microswitch, this is your section. Here you will find a wide variety of limit switches with Si está buscando un microrruptor de gran calidad esta es sin duda su sección. Aquí encontrará una amplia selección de finales de carrera con palancas normales o roldanas, largas o cortas…

Potenciometros Arauz Automatismos

The potenciometers we offer, turn rotational movement into a change in the resistance, providing a fluid transition of voltage or current.

Pulsadores Arauz Automatismos

Wide variety of pushbuttons, switches, La oferta es muy amplia en pulsadores,  interruptores,  wireless switches, buzzers and handle selectors. Specially used in medical, aerospace, railway, off-road vehicles…

reguladores de presion Arauz Automatismos

Programmable proportional pressure regulators of  ¼ “and  ½ “. Aluminium body. The piston is made of a special polyacetal, equiped with dynamic joints…

Distribución de sensores Honeywell, Sunx, Idec

We offer radiation probes for solar radiation measurement with 4-2o mA output, temperature and humidity probes, used for chemical vapors applications.

Sondas Arauz Automatismos

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Termostatos Arauz Automatismos

We offer a wide variety of products for an optimal management of heating/ air conditioning systems such as simple room thermostats, digital thermostats…

Valvulas Arauz Automatismos

Our portfolio in this sections include, ball valves, diaphragm valves, J+J and gas and security valves.

hazte cliente Arauz Automatismos

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