Heavy Duty Pressure

Designed for pressure monitoringin
HVAC applications, refrigeration,
air compression, pumps and
valves systems.

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Arauz Automatismos MICRO SWITCH NGCArauz Automatismos MICRO_SWITCH_NG

Honeywell compact limit
switches for microswitches
NGC series:

Configurable platform that allows you to choose
circuit SPDT series (single pole, double track)
or DPDT (bipolar, double track).

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A sensor for different uses:
liquids, bulk products, foams
or very fluid. Now on sale!

BLS level sensor is a
new innovative product:

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You will be able to control your
houses’s heating system, room by room
using your tablet, smartphone
or smartwatch.

EVOHOME the revolution
in energy saving:

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Banner more sensors more solutions. Wireless solutions


Wireless communication system.

Banner Sure Cross wireless systems
is the first platform created for the industry.

Automatic LED limit switches
high visibility:

Valves for complex processes that
incorporatemore restrictive
security systems, yetmore
intuitive and simple to use.

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Solutions for the Automation Industry 

More than 40 years of experience in the distribution of industrial components.

We are experts in industrial automation products from retailers to the final costumer.

conectores seccion Arauz Automatismos

Our M8 and M12 conectors are available in two versions man and woman, straight and cranked with 3,4 and 5 poles with a standard cable length starting from 2, 5, 10 or 15 meters (up until 20 meters)

Distribución de sensores Honeywell, Sunx, Idec

We offer every type of sensor, divided in groups in order to make it easier to find them in an easy and fast way, bar-code sensors, current, temperature, hall effect, optic fibre airflow, photoelectric, force, humidity, image, magnetics, liquid level, oxygen, position, proximity, security, pressure, speed and more. You can find them all in this section.

interruptores seccion Arauz Automatismos

We offer fast reaction switches MICRO SWITCH™ that comply with global normative. Also well know by its compact and light design and have been manufactured to provide a precise repetibility and long lasting life…

celulas seccion Arauz Automatismos

Twilight cells are used to manage the lightning automatically. Strong, precise and durable with an IP67 protection they are provided with a supporting bracket…

Arauz Automatismos

Company born in Madrid in 1981 specialised

in industrial automation distribution and

focused since our foundation  on offering

our customers the best product, service

and advice; finding the best solution

for your application.

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