Galvanic isolators

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To be able to work with evry type of inductive, magnetic or capacitive sensor with Namur output, we offer a wide variety of interface modules for intrincsic safety. These models, allow to isolate signals located in clasified areas and transmit them to other control systems iun safe areas and vice versa. The product range include digital signal barriers for 1,2 and 4 channels, for connecting NAMUR sensors and potential-free contacts

The barriers allow to diagnose wire break or shortcircuit alarms, providing LED indicators and alarm existis.

The modules can be configures using selectors or programming software. We offer output models to control electrovalves with coils intrinsically safe, speed and sliding controllers, potenciometer control…


TURCK Galvanic isolators BL20 SEE PDF
TURCK Galvanic isolators Remote I/O System excom® SEE PDF
TURCK Analogic signal transmitter IME-AI-11Ex-Hi/24VDC SEE PDF
TURCK Analogic signal transmitter IME-Ai-11Ex-Hi/L SEE PDF
TURCK Transducers-Isolators IME-AiA-11Ex-Hi/24VDC SEE PDF
TURCK Analogic signal transmitter IME-AO-11Ex-Hi/L SEE PDF
TURCK Isolating amplifier IME-DI-22Ex-R/24VDC SEE PDF
TURCK Isolating amplifier IME-DI-22EX-T/24VDC SEE PDF
TURCK Valve control modules IME-DO-11EX/L SEE PDF
TURCK Valve control modules IME-DO-22EX/L SEE PDF
TURCK Temperature measuring amplifier IME-TI-11Ex-Ci/24VDC SEE PDF

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